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读书笔记 Drives and Their Fates
The sadistic child pays no heed to whether it inflicts pain or not and never intends to do so. Once the transformation into masochism has taken place, however, pain is very well suited to becoming a passive masochistic aim, for we have every reason to believe that sensations of pain can - like other sensations of unpleasure - shade over into sexual arousal and produce a pleasurable state, for the sake of which even the unpleasure of pain can be willingly undergone. Once feeling pain has become a masochistic aim, the sadistic aim of inflicting pain can also arise retroactively, for this pain, while being caused to another person, is enjoyed masochistically in identification with the suffering object. In both cases, of course, it is not the pain itself that is enjoyed, but the accompanying sexual arousal, which is especially convenient for the sadist. This would make the enjoyment of pain a primary masochistic aim, but one which can become a drive aim only in someone who was originally sadistic.
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