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读书笔记 Power and Sex

[sexuality as a discourse]:

The 'clarification' of sexuality occured not only in discussions but also in the reality of instituions and practices.
... the numerous, strict prohibitions exist. But they are part of a complex economy along with incitements, manifestations, and evaluations.

[about MF's works]

My aim is not to write the social history of a prohibition, but the political history of the production of 'truth'.
In any case, what I would like to study, as far as I'm concerned, is the sum total of these mechanisms, which, in our society, invite, incite, and force one to speak of sex.
The entire problem is to grasp the positive mechanism which, producing sexuality in this or that fashion. results in misery.
...This resulted in a sexual misery of childhood and adolescence from which our own generations still have not recovered, but the objective was not to forbid, but to use childhood sexuality, suddenly become important and mysterious, as a network of power over children.

[Think of the case of the so-called 'the harm of masturbation of children' in China during recent years. The construction of the 'scienctific' knowledge of sexology aims not to ensure the health of children, but through intervention as a pseudo-scientific discourse, exert its manipulative power over children. ]

...... This type of discourse is. indeed, a formidable tool of control and power. As always, it uses what people say. fell and hope for. It exploits their temptation to believe what to be happy, it is enough to cross the threshold of discourse and to remove a few prohibitions. But in fact it ends up repressing and dispersing movements of revolt and liberation
... I see mainly as a double recognition of the fact that. formulated and prohibited. expressed and forbidden, sexuality is a recourse which no modern system cando without.

[Case studies, the strict prohibition of diversified forms of porns in China on the one hand, on the other hand, the widespread adverstisement of abortion surgery in both private clinics and hospitals in China]

For general terms, I would say that the interdiction , the refusal, the prohibition, far from being essential forms of power, are only its limits, power in its frustrated or extreme forms, The relations of power are, above all, productive.

[In terms of 'political life']:

Power is neither there, nor is that how it functions. The relations of power are perhaps among the best hidden things in the social body.
... a tendency to neglect the relations of elementary power that oculd be constitutive of power relations.
...not to see power in any form other than the state apparatus.

[Four thins against the above misunderstanding of power]:

1. to investigate what might be most hidden in the relations of power. 2. to anchor them in the economic infrastructure. 3. to trace them not onky in their governmental forms but also in the infra-governmental or para-governmental ones. 4. to discover them in the material play.

[Power and Resistance]

... as soon as there is a power relation, there is posiibility of resistance. We can never be ensnared by power. We can always modify its grip in determinate conditions and according to a precise strategy.

[About power and resistance, also refers to M.Foucault, Sex, Power, and the Politics of Identity]

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