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读书笔记 On Power
For me, this is not at all a way of declaring the discontinuity of History. On the contrary, it is a way of posing discontinuity as a problem and abouve all a problem to be solved.
The discourse on sexuality was organised in particular ways , in terms of a mumber of codes, and I would even go so far as to say that, in the West, there even has been a strong incitement to speak of sexuality

[the speech of sexuality is not strickly prohibited, but is regulated/orgniased in some ways]

I think there is a specificity in these new techniques of training. I believe that the methods used, right down to the way of conditioning individuals' behaviour, have a logic, obey a type of rationality, and are all based on one another to form a part of specfic stratum.
Science also exercises power. It is, literally, a power that forces you to say something. If you ar not to be disqulified not ony as being wrong, but more seriously than that as being a charlatan... Truth is no doubt a form of power.
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