Life, Death, and Meaning 评价人数不足
读书笔记 The Meaning of Life



PART 1 The Meaning of Life

1. The Meaning of Life by Richard Taylor

2. The Absurd by Thomas Nagel

What sustains us, in belief as in action, is not reason or justification, but something more basic than these — for we go on in the same way even after we are convinced that the reason have given out.
I would argue that absurdity is one of the most human things about us: a manifestation of our most advanced and interesting characteristics. Like skepticism in epistemology, it is possible only because we possess a certain kind of sight — the capacity to transcend ourselves in thought.


3. "Nothing Matters" by R.Hare


4. Philosophy and the Meaning of Life by Joske

所谓无意义(meaningless)有四种:worthless for it has no intrinsic value; pointless for it has no goal; trivial for its point cannot be sufficiently justified; futile for the way the world is.但是哪一种都不能证明人生是无价值的,就算人生可能确实没什么意义。

5. Philosophy and the Meaning of Life by R.Nozick

The problem of meaning is created by limts. We cope with this by, in litle ways or big, transcending these limits.

6. The Meaning of Life by D.Schmidtz

Nozick说的不对——我来分享一点人生经验:意义是属于个人的(meaning is personal),部分来自于我们的经验与记忆。

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