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读书笔记 206c,e 207a
Diotima: ...all human beings are fertile in body and soul... whenever a lover, pregnant or potent with desire, approaches any beautiful body he begins to relax and in a shudder of delight, spills over with his potency and concieves...Love, then, is really the desire we all have to live forever and be immortal.

很熟悉地想到莎士比亚的sonnet 1 “From fairest creatures we desire increase, That thereby beauty's rose might never die...”

the desire of procreation in the presence of beauty 是否可以理解为特别男女间的爱是源自于一种自恋,自爱,故想要延续一个不死的,常新的,神化的自己。(大概也能解释我为何很难爱了,自恋当然是有的,但是通常会overpowered by self doubt&self hatred)这么一解释感觉又把爱degrade成了一种动物性的自私。唯一不同的是“in the presence of beauty”。动物可能没有人类这么挑三拣四的。审美才能将人类与动物区分吗?

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