Everybody Lies 8.2分
读书笔记 I,II,III

people's search for information itself is information.

Michachel Jordan vs Wrenn's example:there are NBA-level talents who are not in the NBA. these men had genes, had the ambition, but never developed the temperament to become basketball superstars.Michachel Jordan was kicked off from school in 12 years old, but thanks to his middle class parents' guidance, he focused on the good things about life. Wrenn is from a single family and kicked off twice from unitversities and never made to NBA.

POWER OF BIG DATA:1、offering up new types of data(like sexuality preference) ;2、providing honest data; 3、allowing us to zoom in on small subsets of people.

DATA REIMAGINATION: umemployment rate corelated with click on porn web; horse choosing guy graduated from econ department using data base to choose better horse.

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