The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells 评价人数不足
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Models originally developed to describe some sea shell patterns turned out to

provide a key to understanding other developmental systems, it turned out. Overtly

the arrangement of leaves on a growing shoot, the patterning of bird feathers, the

localization of the plane of cell division in a bacterium, blood coagulation, and the

chemotactic orientation of cells seem to have little in common with patterns on a

sea shell. Now, in the fourth edition, a new chapter shows that these systems have

a common logical basis. They depend on signals that become quenched shortly

after they are generated. This leads to highly dynamic pattern-forming systems that

never reach a stable state; avoiding to enter into a state in which the system is irre-

versibly trapped. Such flexibility then accounts for biological systems that require a

permanent adaptation to changing situations.

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