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读书笔记 I
苏夫佳's impossible to recover the inexperience of your experienced youth once you've moved on considerably; once you've understood something, it's impossible to not understand what you once didn't understand, ignorance doesn't return, not even when you want to describe a time during which you either basked in or were the victim of ignorance, and never trust anyone who tells you something with a falsely innocent look on his face, feigning the lost innocence of childhood or adolescence or youth, or who adopts the gaze — the icy, forzen gaze — of the child he no longer is, and the same is true of the old man who speaks out of the years of his maturity rather than out of the old age that now dominates his entire vision of the world, his knowledge of other people and of himself; even the dead — could they speak or whisper — would distort the truth, putting themselves in the shoes of the foolish, unfinished living beings they once were, pretending they hadn't yet entered the realm of death and metamorphosis and had no knowledge of what they had once been capable of doing and saying, given that they have done and said everything and there is no possibility now of surprise or emendation or improvisation, that account is closed, never to be opened again...
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