Principles 8.6分
读书笔记 Finding a way past my intractable investment problem

In other words, I just want to be right- I don't care if the right answer comes from me. So I learnt to be radically open minded to allow others to point out what I might be missing. I saw that the only way I could succeed would be to:

1 seek out the smartest people who disagreed with me so I could try to understand their reasoning.

2. Know when not to have an opinion.

3 Develop, test and systemize timeless and universal principles.

4 Balance risks in ways that keep the big upside while reducing the downside.


1 找到那些和我不同想法的最聪明的人,所以我可以理解他们的思维推理。

2 知道什么时候不要有自己的看法。

3 产生,测试并且系统产生一个永久有效的,普世原则。

4 分散风险,保持大的上涨,同时减少亏损。

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