Infonomics 目前无人评价
读书笔记 Ch1 Why Monetize Information


Pigott watches as his autonomous ll-ton John Deere tractor thunders across two thousand
acres of farmland every week or so. It is guided by information coursing back and forth from a
satellite-directed by information from weather forecasts, soil readings, pesticide use, and plant
samples-and streaming nutrition and other information to the farmer's tablet. From a comfy
chair in his office, Pigott can monitor and manage the entire operation, in real time, down to
the square meter. Other similarly tricked-out farms use drones to survey for crop stress or
flooding, sense and locate underground aquifers, precisely portion out animal feed, and use
infrared cameras to identify flock fevers indicative of bird flu.
Due to information-fueled analytics and information, farming has become just another
white-collar desk job. Sure, kicking back, putting up your feet, and running a farm may be cool
-but let's "follow the money," as they say.

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