Contingency, Irony and Solidarity 9.3分
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I shall define an "ironist" as sorneonewho fulfills three conditions: (r) She has radical and continuing doubts about the final vocabulary she currently uses, because she has been impressed by other vocabularies, vocabularies taken as final by people or books she has encountered; (z) she realizes that argument phrased in her present vocabulary can neither underwrite nor dissolve these doubts; (3) insofar as she philosophizes about her situation, she does not think that her vocabulary is closer to redity than others, that it is in touch with a power not herself. Ironists who are inclined to philosophize see the choice between vocabularies as made neither within a neutral and universal rnetavocabulary nor by an attempt to fight one's way past appearances to the real, but simply by playing the new off against the old.

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