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读书笔记 I
...poetry in the original text sounds at once natural and strange: the phrasing may be simple but never commonplace. The strangeness comes from combining pregnant terms in uncommon ways. Part of the poetic value lies right there, in the reader's awareness of the words the poet did \emph{not} use. This alone would preclude translation, since the foreign reader's recourse to a paraphrase implies that he lacks that awareness: he cannot sense the degree to which the words sound natural and their collocation strange.

The importance of this point will appear central when we come to the English reader's incomprehension of French poetry. Just as the poetry evaporates when ``Absent thee from felicity awhile'' is turned into: ``Give up your pleasant occupations for a time,'' so a French verse will sounds like a dull paraphrase when read as a sort of translation from an imagined English line.

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