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读书笔记 Economic Trade-Offs

Economic Trade-Offs An economic system is a system for the production and distribution of goods and services. But what is crucial for understanding the way it functions is that it is a system for rationing goods and services that are inadequate to supply all that people want. The Garden of Eden was not an economic system, even though it produced and distributed goods and services, because it produced them in such abundance that rationing was unnecessary.A utopia would not be an economic system, for the same reason. In short, while economic systems of various sorts boast of their achievements in bringing goods and services to people, what makes them all economic systems is that they have systematic procedures for preventing people from getting goods and services, denying them access to natural resources, tools or equipment for production, and limiting their ability to work at the tasks they would prefer. All economic systems must use some method of denial.(45) #对经济学与经济系统的阐释,以及对于乌托邦的否定,指出乌托邦会降低稀缺性,进而摧毁人的进步动力与生产力。 进一步表明任何系统都有准入限制。个人认为,资本主义的限制就是当商品投产相同,供需稳定时这方面将会产生限制,因为没有人再继续进入这个商品行业。

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