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the Big Nose 外国人?


bird-dogging 奔走?

red tape 繁文缛节;

tough sledding 处境艰难,难以取得进展

not care / give two bits / hoots 根本不在乎;

not care a pin 毫不介意;毫不在乎;

roll / turn over in one's grave——Implies that something would anger the referenced person who is dead if he was still alive.

on top of the world <口>幸福到极点,心满意足;

of all stripes 各行各业的,各阶层的;

take sth. at face value = to accept something exactly the way it appears to be;

ticketty-boo = tickety-boo = tiggity-boo = (chiefly Britain, informal) Correct, satisfactory.

go to earth ?

in one's wake = in the wake of sb.紧紧跟随;随着…而来;作为…的结果;

come to a head 时机成熟,濒临危急关头 ;

say one's piece =give one's opinion or make a prepared statement; 发表意见;

make no bones about 对(某事物)坦率,易于接受,对(做某事)不犹豫;

take stockof=To make an estimate or appraisal, as of resources or of oneself;

fall on / upon deaf ears 未被听取,不受注意,不被理睬;

when the chips are / come down在危急关头;在关键时刻; (来自打扑克。打牌的人把筹码chips放到赌台上下注的时候显然是个关键时刻。)

sound off 明确而大胆地说出 ;

beef up <口>加强,补充(人数、兵力)等; 使更大(更好、更有意思等) ;

cross one's fingers 把食指与中指交叉,希望得到好运气;

boil down to归结为…

a (close) brush with death = An experience in which one almost dies. 濒死经历;

big bugs 大人物 ;

can't hold a candle to sb.比某人差多了;不能和某人比;不能与某人相提并论;

haul up on the carpet = questioned, disciplined.

go full bore = made with maximum effort.

shape up (事物)进展(情况);(人)表现(如何);

as hard as nails铁石心肠,冷酷无情;

in the thick of 在最激烈的时刻;

take in one's stride轻易地解决,从容处理;

double in brass 兼作两用,兼职;

draw upon the experience 吸取经验;

capitalize on 充分利用某事物;投机倒把;

throw / put one off one's stride = to interfere with one's normal and natural progress or rate of progress.

over one's head (指所谈论的内容过于专业或高深)对某人来说太困难;

fall down on the job 没有把工作做好;

put one's finger on sth.确切指出;

turn the scales 扭转局面;

take the plunge 冒险尝试;

lose one's touch 对...变得生疏;

cut the cackle 少废话!

the rule of thumb 经验法则;

jack-of-all-trades 万金油,万事通;杂而不精的人;三脚猫;

a thumbnail sketch 草图;简要概括;

on a par with 与…同等,和…一样;

in full swing 热火朝天;全力进行;

a bawling out + from sb. = a severe scolding.

stop short of doing sth. = not to go as far as doing sth. 没有做某事;

out and out 彻底地,不折不扣地;

hard on the heels of / on one's heels 紧跟着;

as poor as church mice 一贫如洗;

work like a Trojan = (chiefly British, old-fashioned) to work very hard. 勤奋工作。

be light of heart 轻松愉快,无忧无虑。

off the mark 偏离目标,错误的,不相干的 ;

stamp out<非正>扑灭,毁掉;

double back 沿原路返回;

nose dive 俯冲;跳水;暴跌。

walk a tightrope 走钢丝;冒险;

according to one's lights 按照自己的见解;根据自己的能力;凭自己的知识;

via / through the grapevine = Through or via an informal means of communication or information, especially gossip.

monkey wrench = (idiomatic) A problem, obstacle or dilemma; something unexpected or troublesome.

up for grabs = available for anyone; not yet claimed. / in total chaos.

the cream of 精华

cite chapter and verse 引经据典。

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