Knowledge And Decisions 9.2分
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Physicists have determined that even the most solid and heavy mass of matter we see mostly empty space. But at the submicroscopic level, specks of matter scattered through a vast emptiness have such incredible density and weight, and are linked to one another by such powerful forces, that together they produce all the properties of concrete, cast iron and solid rock. In much the same way, specks of knowledge are scattered through a vast emptiness of ignorance, and everything depends upon how solid the individual specks of knowledge are, and on how powerfully linked and coordinated they are with one another. The vast spaces of ignorance do not prevent the specks of knowledge from forming a solid structure, though sufficient misunderstanding can disintegrate it in much the same way that radioactive atomic structures can disintegrate(uranium into lead) or even explode. #作者借太空观察的自然现象表明,空荡的太空也是由带有各种关系的各种specks(微量元素)组成的,类比人世间拥有强大力量的,拥有各种关系的少量知识。表明少数知识通过相关关联就能够产生很大的能量。

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