The Story of Art 9.7分
读书笔记 strange beginnings-prehistoric and primitive peoples; ancient America
es dämmert.

Buildings and all the another forms of art is judged first and foremost by UTILITY. A subject with DEFINITE FUNCTION and AIMS to serve.

enter into the mind of the primitive peoples and find out what kind of experience it is which makes them think of pictures, not as something nice to look at, but as sth powerful tu USE

ancient art is bund with superstition, supernatural power, so that die tribeman feel themselves transformed when these ancient objects of art are put into use.

...till they no longer knew where play-acting ended and reality began.
it is important to realize this from the outset, because the whore story of art is not about the progress in technical proficiency, but a story of changing ideas and requirements.
....if most works of these civilizations look remote and unnatural to us, the reason lies in the ideas they are meant to convey.
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