Peasant Nationalism and Communist Power 8.3分
读书笔记 Preface

There is an unfortunate tendency in Western educated circles to suppose that nationalism outside of Europe is axiomatically good, or at least "natural", and to【condemn Communism as evil, regardless of its popular bona fides. 】

To welcome a change or to regret it, because one set of rulers has gone and another has come, is something which we all do, for 【some rulers are more likely to look to our own welfare than others】; but these are private preoccupations for which such private justification is reasonable. 【Public justification requires more】; to welcome or deplore a change in government because some now enjoy power and others are deprived of it is not enough. The only criterion capable of public defense is whether the new rulers are less corrupt and grasping, or more just and merciful, or whether there is no change at all, but the corruption, the greed, and the tyranny merely find victims other than those of the departed rulers. And this is really the only question at issue between nationalism and the systems to which it is opposed.

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