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How to Channel Mass Desire Onto Your Particular Product

1. Choose the most powerful desire that can possibly he ap- plied to your product.

Every mass desire has three vital dimensions. The first is urgency, intensity, degree of demand to be satisfied.

The second dimension is staving power, degree of repetition, the inability to become satiated.

And the third dimension is scope— the number of people who share this desire.

Your choice among these alternate desires is the most important step yon will take in writing your ad.

2. Acknowledge that desire—reinforce it—and/or offer the means to satisfy it—in a single statement in the headline of your ad.

3. And then you take the series of performances that are built into your product—what your product does—and you show your prospect how these product performances inevitably satisfy that desire.

The Analysis of Your Product: What It Is—and What It Does

- By justifying your price.

- By documenting the quality of your performance

- By assuring your prospect that that performance will continue throughout the years

- By sharpening the reader's mental picture of that performance

- By giving your product's claim of performance afresh new basis for believability

It is the performance of your product, satisfying the mass desire of your market, that provides the selling power of your ad.


In studying your product, is to list the number of different performances it contains—to group these performances against the mass desires that each of them satisfies—and then to feature the one performance that will harness the greatest sales power onto your product at that particular time.

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