Introduction to the Theology of Karl Barth 评分人数不足
读书笔记 the doctrine of the world of God
When he discusses the possibility of dogmatic prolegomena, Barth
immediately engages in debate with the two divergent movements.
Liberal Protestantism tries to build up its prolegomena on general
anthrolopology and history in order to present a purely human possibility
(36-40). With far greater refinement, Roman Catholicism seeks
a foundation in scripture, tradition, the church, and the faith of the
church, but does so in such a way that in the end the possibility is still
a human one, for while it finds a place for God's action, it merges it
into man's (40f.). Barth locates the possibility of prolegomena in the
speaking and hearing of Jesus Christ—the true being of the church
(41f.). This points to the real question in prolegomena—the question
of the dogmatic rule, criterion, or standard—which will be the theme
of the first of Earth's long chapters on dogmatics. Following his reference
to the speaking and hearing of Jesus Christ as the true possibility
of prolegomena, Barth intimates that the true norm of dogmatics
lies in the Word of God as holy scripture when this is seen "in the
context of an embracing doctrine of the Word of God" (43f.).

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