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读书笔记 chapter 1

Political engagement of black men in postbellum South, taking the North Carolina as an example. The dilemma facing the Democratic Party, with two sides holding fast to their separate, or even, opposite opinions on the issue. Republican members embrace uneliminated hostility towards black civilians who sought desperately a representative voice in the government making manifest the demands of the former muted inferior group.

On the other hand, white political figures showed their concerns for overwhelming presence of the blacks pushing American politics to the edge of demise. Political strategies were employed to fight off these potential aspirants and defense the racial hierarchy intrinsic to the Party's structure. The reason of the fear of Democrats revealed their tenacious belief in society dominated by elite white males. One of efficacious and viable means of preventing the racial transgression was decoloring the politics, which means reference to skin color had to be avoided in case of evoking sympathy.

Geographic division shaping embodies political divergence and racial difference as eastern were largely dominated by freed slaves and western by elite whites. They also represented distinct interests. The most impressive figure was William Holden, who backed up legal rights of civlians and on the other hand, showed disrespect for black people,

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