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By the start of World War 2 the Supermarine works at Southampton had delivered 306 Spitfires to the RAF. Of this total, 187 were currently serving with 11 Fighter Command Squadrons (Nos 19, 41, 54, 65, 66, 72, 74, 602, 603, 609 and 611), and a further 71 were held at maintenance units, ready to be despatched to the frontline to replace losses. Eleven Spitfires were serving as trials machines, either with the makers or with the various service test establishments, one was allocated to the Central Flying School for use by those writing the Pilot’s Notes on the aircraft, and the remaining 36 airframes had been struck off charge, mostly due to flying accidents.

602、603、609、611都是AAF的,Spitfire Pilot (1942)的作者David Crook DFC就是609中队的,他在44年MIA。

74在39年2月从Gloster Gauntlet换装喷火,第一架喷火是中队长Brookie Brooks亲自开回Hornchurch的==

第一架服役的喷火在38年8月交付给19中队,第一架报废的喷火也在19中队,38年8月16日,Pilot Officer Gordon Sinclair在第一次飞喷火后着陆时把飞机两脚朝天翻倒在地上,起落架左边的轮子飞走了,他本人没有受伤,后来在敦刻尔克上空击落6架敌机,并参加了不列颠之战。

P15:By the beginning of May 1940 a further eight squadrons (Nos 64, 92, 152, 222, 234, 266, 610 and 616) had received Spitfires, thus bringing the strength of the force up to nineteen squadrons.

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