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Hariman, Robert. Popular Trials : Rhetoric, Mass Media, and the Law


Studies in Rhetoric and Communication

author: Hariman, Robert.

publisher: University of Alabama Press

isbn10 | asin: 0817306986

print isbn13: 9780817306984

ebook isbn13: 9780585273068

language: English

Trials--United States, Mass

subject media--Law and legislation--United States, Persuasion


publication date: 1990

lcc: KF220.P67 1990eb

ddc: 345.73/7

Trials--United States, Mass

subject: media--Law and legislation--United States, Persuasion


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Popular Trials

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General Editors:

E. Culpepper Clark

Raymie E. McKerrow

David Zarefsky

"Hear O Israel":

The History of American Jewish Preaching,


Robert V. Friedenberg

A Theory of Argumentation

Charles Arthur Willard

Elite Oral History Discourse:

A Study of Cooperation and Coherence

Eva M. McMahan

Computer-Mediated Communication:

Human Relationships in a Computerized World

James W. Chesebro and Donald G. Bonsall

Popular Trials: Rhetoric, Mass Media, and the


Edited by Robert Hariman

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Popular Trials

Rhetoric, Mass Media, and the Law

Edited by Robert Hariman

The University of Alabama Press Tuscaloosa and London

Copyright . 1990 by The University of Alabama Press Tusca-loosa, Alabama 35487-0380 All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America

The paper on which this book is printed meets the minimum re-quirements of American National Standard for Information Science-Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI Z39.48-1984

First paperbound edition 1993

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Popular trials : rhetoric, mass media, and the law / edited by Robert Hariman.

p. cm.

Bibliography: p.

Includes index.

ISBN 0-8173-0698-6

1. TrialsUnited States. 2. Mass mediaLaw and legislationUnited

States. 3. Persuasion (Psychology) I. Hariman, Robert.

KF220.P67 1990



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1. Performing the Laws: Popular Trials and Social Knowledge

Robert Hariman

2. Constitutional Argument in a National Theater: The Impeachment Trial of Dr. Henry Sacheverell

John Louis Lucaites

3. Two Stories of the Scopes Trial: Legal and Journalistic Articulations of the Legit-imacy of Science and Religion

Lawrance M. Bernabo and Celeste Michelle Condit

4. Constraints on Persuasion in the Chicago Seven Trial

Juliet Dee

5. Power, Knowledge, and Insanity: The Trial of John W. Hinckley, Jr.

William F. Lewis

6. The Claus von Bulow Retrial: Lights, Camera, Genre?

Susan J. Drucker and Janice Platt Hunold

7. The Saga of Roger Hedgecock: A Case Study in Trial by Local Media

Larry A. Williamson

8. Crime as Rhetoric: The Trial of the Catonsville Nine

J. Justin Gustainis

9. Mediating the Laws: Popular Trials and the Mass Media

Barry Brummett

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