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读书笔记 Creating the Soviet Networks: Hiss, Chambers, and Early Recruits

这样看来,罗斯福并非完全蒙在鼓里而是对共谍渗透问题是有所知情的。早在1939年8月,在Whittacker Chambers(钱伯斯)脱离美共之后不久,由于担心被控告而答应与官方合作以提供间谍内线名单,条件是与FDR(罗斯福)本人亲自见面并获得免遭起诉的保证(总统特赦),他的身份和工作是通知过FDR的:

Levine urged Chambers to step forward also and to expose the sources whom he had known in the government. Fearing his own arrest on espionage charges, however, Chambers agreed to do so on condition that he meet personally with President Roosevelt and receive a guarantee of immunity from prosecution.


The three men—Levine,Chambers, and Berle—met at the latter's home on the evening of September 2. Levine introduced Chambers only as "Mr.X", a former courier for Soviet Intelligence. After their conversation ended, Berle drafted extensive notes of Chambers‘s statements, having assured that the memorandum would be sent directly to Roosevelt.[80]

名单中包括后来国务院的Alger Hiss(希斯), 财政部的Harry Dexter White(怀特), 总统特使Lauchlin Currie(居里),二战结束后就是根据Bentley的证词和这份备忘录上的名单在HUAC上对上述人物进行指证:

Berle titled the memo "Underground Espionage Agent", and Levine, returning to his hotel, outlined his own recollections of those whom Chambers had named. Both Berle's memo and Levine's list included(Quoting Levine): "[Laurance]Duggan, Hiss[Alger's brother, Donald, whose first name Levine had forgotten], Alger Hiss, [Noel]Field, [Julian]Waldley [sic]…Nat Witt, [Lee]Pressman, Treasury-Frank Coe(A. Gross), Mr[Harry Dexter]White…John Abt…Peters[Joszef Peter], Lockwood Curry[Lauchlin Currie]."Berle's more carefully drafted notes proceeded name by name, department by department, referring specifically and repeatedly to "Underground" spying rather than simply secret Communist associations.


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