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读书笔记 Men's Hidden Depression
But when we minimize a man's depression, for fear of shaming him, we collude with the cultural expectations of masculinity in a terrible way. We send a message that the man who is struggling should not expect help. He must be "self-reliant." He must resolve his distress on his own.
In a study of a different nature, psychologists were given hypothetical psychiatric "case histories" of patients with a variety of complaints. Only one variable was changed, the sex of the client. Consistently, psychologists diagnosed the depressed "male" clients as more severely disturbed than their male counterparts. These conflicting results show an overlay of gender expectations complicates the judgment of clinicians. It seems that they are punishing clients of both sexes with a more severe diagnosis for crossing gender lines. If it is unmanly to be depressed and unwomanly to drink, then a depressed man must be really disturbed, just like an alcoholic woman.
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