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读书笔记 Personal Statement
Before you write, carefully review any personal statement directions the program may have.

Pay attention to their specific questions if they have instructions.

Why did I choose this specialty?
In answering this question, show them that you are deeply committed to the field. There should be no ambiguity. You should be writing about the factors that led you to pursue the specialty.
What am I looking for in a residency program?
Be specific about what you seek in a residency program.
What are my professional goals in the field I have chosen?
What are my strengths?
What accomplishments should I highlight?
Every program wants hard-working, enthusiamstic, focused residents. They want individuals with proven skills of communication, perseverance towards a goal and the ability to work with all types of people to achieve a common goal.
What contributions can I make to the specialty?
Emphasize your own strengths, skills, and experiences and how these will aid you in contributing to the specialty.
What would I be a great fit for this particular residency program?
Students with research experiences may choose to emphasize a different skill set for different programs. They may send a research-oriented statement to programs which place great emphasis on research, but send a statment that emphasizes their outstanding skills as a clinician to other programs.

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