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读书笔记 Meditation - The Sudden Stroll
If in the evening you seem to have decided once and for all to stay at home, having donned your dressing-gown, sitting after dinner at the lamp-lit table and intending to take up this bit of work or that game, after which you will go to bed as usual; if the weather outside is unkind, which makes staying at home the natural thing to do; if by now you have already been sitting silent at table for so long that going out would be bound to provoke general amazement; if the main staircase is already dark and the front door locked, and if despite all this you get to your feet in sudden unease; if you change your dressing-gown and appear fully clad for outdoors, declare that you have to go out, and after a brief goodbye actually do so; if you think you have left behind you a greater or lesser degree of annoyance according to how quickly you slam the apartment door; if you find yourself once more out in the street, your limbs responding with especial agility to the unexpected freedom you have given them; if by this one decision you feel all your capacity for decisive action concentrated within you, if you realize with greater Meditation insight than usual that you do after all have more strength than you need to bring about the quickest change with ease, that you have the capacity to weather it; and if you run off down the long streets in the way you are doing — then for this evening, you have broken utterly from your family, who fade away into insubstantiality, while you yourself, absolutely solid, black and clear-cut, slapping your thighs, rise and assume your true form. All this is further reinforced if at this late hour you go and look up a friend to see how he is doing.
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