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读书笔记 The world of football isn't a talent show
And that's the most important thing of all for a great career Awaiting you up there in the firemament of your career are so many things that you have to be prepared for. Only a firm grounding will bring you lasting success. That's why I advise every player to climb the ladder of success slowly. Of course, if you've got what it takes you can occasionally take two steps at a time... But you should not let yourself shoot from the bottom to the top rung. Because the quicker you get into the orbit, the quicker you'll be plummeting back down... The key to success is to be patiently impatient... If the world collapse for a budding professional footballer because he doesn't achieve his ambition immediately, that's crap. But it's also crap if a budding professional footballer doesn't care that he's not making progress and just thinks apathetically, "Oh well, I'll achieve my ambition some day."
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