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1.诞生于1557=a piece of work.whether it be in the development of the earth, in the development of life upon its surface,in the development society,of gover 、of manufacture、of goverment\literture,science、art。this same evolution of the simple into the complex。

2.the social organism has been rendered more heterogeneous in virtue of the many new occupations introduced,and the many old ones further specialized ;each trader has ,more or less, modified his way go doing business ;and almost every person has been affected in his actions thoughts emotions.

3.All these occupations family names that have been pass on through the generations as enduring markers of past societal stasis。these institutions became more complex over the centuries as "labor".labor became more complex over the centuries as -more specific tasks.

4.when code overrides morality。"i was just following orders".for this reason,people people who have the opportunity and the capacity to keep up with the advance of code have a greater opportunity to creat and contribute to socirty than those who do not.

5.perhaps counterintuitively , these millennia's greatest creations :writing 、decimal numbers、algebra\water mills、the astrolabe、and bills for exchange.

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