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读书笔记 The Teaching Demo
The department may assign you a topic, or they may ask you to choose one. In either case, do not use the teaching demo as an opportunity to beat the dead horse of your research for the umpteenth time. That is what the job talk is for. Faculty must spend a great deal of time teaching outside their core research areas, and the teaching demo proves your willingness and ability to do so. Of course, you can introduce some of your work if it arises organically from the topic or discussion, but remember—the teaching demo is not about you per se; it is about the students. So look up from your notes, keep a close watch on them, be alert for signs of boredom and disaffection, encourage all participation, even the most tentative, and don’t be afraid to dig into genuine debate.
Don’t be excessively nice; you must exhibit firm leadership. While a relaxed, casual, and approachable discussion style might work wonders in your TA discussion section, be sure to channel your inner professor in this exercise. You want an aura of command.
Last, don’t forget one of the perennial rules of good teaching: the wrap-up, in which you tie up the class with a “what we learned/practiced/discussed today” summary that brings the class period to a firm closure.

Excerpt From: Kelsky, Karen. “Professor Is in : The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.d. into a Job (9780553419436).” iBooks.

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