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Speeches don't feed people. What the people need are fresh vegetables, and a good fish broth at least once a week.
The socialist system was dismantled by the very same people who had set it up, and capitalism rose from the ashes, as fierce as ever. Guys who just months ago had been railing against bourgeois democracy, at family lunches and parties, at demostrations, in newspaper articles, were now dressed in designer clothing, driving around the city in cars that gleamed.


P100 Ludo将公寓变成了一本书,很妙的句子。(虽然她独自一人、足不出户地存活下来,很令人不可思议、匪夷所思,最基本的生活竟然得以维持。)

I realise I have transformed the entire apartment into / a huge book. After burning the library, after I have died, / all that remains will be my voice. // In this house all the walls have my mouth.
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