On Writing Well 9.1分
读书笔记 1.transaction

  • avocation:not vocation,业余爱好,非职业。不是vacation假期
  • glamorous work:迷人的,富有魅力的工作
  • looking vaguely bohemian:有点像波希米亚人
  • vaguely:模糊的,茫然的
  • What was it like to be a writer?当一名作家是什么感觉?
  • Coming home from an arduous day 努力一整天回家
  • arduous:费力的,努力的
  • write his tensions away 写东西让他压力没了
  • Professional writers are solitary drudges.专业的作家都是独行侠。
  • not if:除非
  • symbolism:象征主义
  • mime:哑剧
  • gusto:热情,乐趣,津津乐道
  • It had never occurred to me that writing could be easy. 我从来不觉得写作很容易。
  • bewilder:使迷惑,使难住
  • compulsion:欲望,强迫
  • Ultimately:最终,最后
  • quest:追求
  • drawn:疲惫的,憔悴的
  • How was he drawn into it?他是如何卷入其中的?(意思大概是那些人怎么写着写着就陷进去了吧)
  • gimmicks:暗机关,骗人的玩意(每个人写作的时候都有不同的需求,但这些东西都不是真正影响写作的东西)


studentsDr.brock(avocation)william(vocation)What was it like to be a writer?tremendous fun.flowed and easy.wasn't easy and wasn't fun.hard and lonely, and the words seldom just flowedif it was important to rewrite.No."Let it all hang out,"reflect the writer at his most natural.rewriting is the essence of writing. professional writers rewrite their sentences over and over.What do you do when it isn't going wellstopped writing and put the work aside for a day when it would go better.professional writer must establish a daily schedule and stick to it.writing is a craft, not an art, and that the man who runs away from his craft because he lacks inspiration is fooling himself.will depressed or unhappy felling affect your writing?Y.N. If your job is to write every day, you learn to do it like any other job.useful to circulate in the literary world?greatly enjoying gathering with other writers and editorsprofessional writers are solitary drudges who seldom see other writers. (这是一个表格,复制不过来)

两个人的关于写作的看法被揭露的差不多了。(然而并没什么卵用。)两个人互相产生了兴趣。然而学生们就懵逼了,这两个人在耍我们吗,每个问题两个人的答案相加等于零,等于没说。哦,然后机智的william就意识到每个人在写作的时候都有不同的小习惯啊。(但这些小习惯并不能教会别人怎么写作)the product that any writer has to sell is not the subject being written about, but who he or she is.那些教写作的书搞半天不久是在介绍作者自己吗,并不是在教人如何写作。(这本书也一样吗?)不用担心,这本书会和我们一起探索人性和温暖(从而让你爱上写作。)Good writing has an aliveness that keeps the reader reading from one paragraph to the next, and it's not a question of gimmicks to "personalize" the author. It s a question of using the English language in a way that will achieve the greatest clarity and strength. 好的作品结构清晰,会让读者一段接着一段的读下去。Can such principles be taught? Maybe not. But most of them can be learned.这些写作的规则能不能被教?可能不行,但是大部分的规则可以学啊。

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