读书笔记 2 Operation Strategy in a Global Environment
More than 90% of North American television cartoons are produced in Asia.
Mission: the purpose or rationale for an organization's existence.
Strategy: how an organization expects to achieve its mission and goals.
Firms achieve missions in three conceptual ways: 1) differentiation 2) cost leadership 3) response.


Experience differentiation: engaging a customer with a product through imaginative use of five senses.
A low-cost strategy does not imply low value or low equality.

yep sometimes I forget that.

Response: a set of values related to rapid, flexible, and reliable performance.

Low Cost Strategy Wins at Franz Colruyt是个特别带感的案例。

Patrick Wang, Johnson Electric, "Customers talk to us where they feel most comfortable, but products are made where they are most competitive. "


Operation Decisions: The strategic decisions of OM are goods and service design, quality, process and capacity design, location selection, layout design, human resources and job design, supply-chain management, inventory, scheduling, and maintenance.
When issuing OM strategy, resource view vs. Porter's value-chain analysis
... strategy must change as technology and the environment change.... Once a firm understands itself and the environment, a SWOT analysis is in order.
KSFs, activities or factors that are key to achieving competitive advantage.
Core Competency, a set of skills, talents and activities in which a firm is particularly strong.
The idea is to build KSFs and core competencies that provide a competitive advantage and support a successful strategy and mission. A core competence may be a subset of KSFs or a combination of KSFs.
Analyze the environment--> Determine the Corporate Mission--> From a Strategy
Activity Map, a graphical link of competitive advantage, KSFs, and supporting activities.
...4 global operation strategies: international, multidomestic, global, transnational. The matris has a vertical axis of cost reduction and a horizontal axis of local responsiveness.

麦当当最近的spin off是multidomestic strategy

Internationa: a strategy in which global markets are penetrated using exports and licenses.... the leas advantageous, with little local responsiveness and cost advantage.... the easiest... exports require little change in existing operation and licensing leave much of the risk to the licensee.
Multidomestic: a strategy in which operating decisions are decentralized to each country to enhance local responsiveness.... maximizing a competitive response for the local market... little or no cost advantage. Many food producers... use a multidomestic strategy...export management talent and processes not necessariyl the product to accomodate another market.
Global: a strategy in which operating decisions are centralized and headquarters coordinates the standardization and learning facilities.... high degree of centralization, ...is appropriate when the strategic focus is cost reduction but has little to when demand for local responsiveness is high.... products are similar throughout the world... economies of scale and learning within each facility .... optimum size plants with similar processes .... maximize learning .... between plants... the result is an effective cost reduction advantage....
Transnational: a strategy that combines the benefits of global-scale efficiencies with the benfits of local responsiveness.... exploits the economies of scale and learning, ... pressure for responsiveness, by recognizing the core competency does not reside in the home country but exist anywhere in the organization... in which material, people, and idea acorss, or transgress national boundaries. These firms have the potential to pursue all 3 operational strategies... country identity is not as important as its interdependent network of worldwide operations.... key activities are neither centralized in the parent company nor decentralized... the resources and activities are dispersed, specialized, so as to be both efficient and flexible in an interdependent network.

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