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读书笔记 The Notion of Expenditure
4, From the point of view of expenditure, artistic productions must be divided into two main categories, the first constituted by architectural construction, music, and dance. This category is comprised of real expenditures. Nevertheless, sculpture and painting, not to mention the use of sites for ceremonies and spectacles, introduces even into architecture the principle of the second category, that of symbolic expenditure. For their part, music and dance can easily be charged with external significations.

The term poetry, applied to the least deast degraded and least intellectualized form of the expression of a state of loss, can be considered synonymous with expenditure: it in fact signifies, in the most precise way, creation by means of loss. Its meaning is therefore close to that of sacrifice.
The poet frequently can use words only for his own loss; he is often forced to choose between the destiny of a reprobate, who is as profoundly separated from society as defecta are from apparent life, and a renunciation whose price is a mediocre activity, subordinated to vulgar and superficial needs.
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