Strange Stones 8.4分
读书笔记 Strange Stones
In China, he was assigned to a job teaching English in Leshan, a small city in southern Sichuan Province. With two other volunteers, he organized a play: a student version of “Snow White.” Soon, college administrators recognized an opportunity for publicity, and they developed a travelling variety show. The other Peace Corps volunteers quickly washed their hands of the project, but Goettig was game for anything. He went on the road with “Snow White,” travelling by bus to small towns around the province, performing at middle schools three times a day. Originally, the Woodsman was a villain, but college officials insisted that the play end with a more favorable view of the proletariat, so the Woodsman reformed and gave self-criticism. As part of the variety show, a student sang Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting,” a brass band played the “Internationale,” and Goettig went onstage with a blue guitar and sang “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” He was mobbed for autographs everywhere. During the bumpy rides between towns, the “Snow White” players sang songs at the top of their lungs, and gorged on raw sugarcane, spitting the pulp onto the floor of the bus. Goettig told me that those were the longest ten days of his Peace Corps service.
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