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25 Past Lives (三生)

It is about a man who had the ability to remember his various past lives as a dog, a snake, etc, reminding me of PAL4 XD

(as a snake) He spent his days longing for a good way to die, but nothing presented itself.

Imagine there is a world where you suffer much every single day but can find no way to die. I mean, luckily in this world we can still escape from all the sufferings by suicide.



30 Friendship beyond the Grave (叶生)

The story is profoundly moving. Pity that Minford did not translate the commentary of Pu Songling.



42 The Devoted Mouse (义鼠)




69 Butterfly (翩翩)

I love the way Butterfly made things out of leaves or clouds, such as 'Butterfly cut out a leaf and made a donkey' and 'She noticed Luo shivering, and went to the entrance of the grotto, where she gathered white clouds with which to line ap added gown for him'. Extraordinary!

And happy ending will always be preferred.



74 Twin Lanterns (双灯)

Wei knew that however deeply he wished her to stay, he had no choice but to let her go, and he stood there despondently, gazing at the twinkiling lanterns as they gradually disappeared into the distance, before returning home in sorrow. That night, the villagers all saw lanterns shining up on the mountainside.

Lingering melancholy.


And here is a poem the writer quoted.

Speak not of lakes and streams to one Who knows the splendour of the sea; The clouds around the magic peaks of Wu Are the only clouds for me.



By the way, I read an article the other day, talking about translation of the title, 'Strange Tales from a Chinese studio', criticising it for not being truthful enough. How meaningless the discussion is.

Bought this book last year after Minford's talks in March and this year spent over four months finishing it. I like how some people in the stories can impressively treat spirits just like human being, without prejudice or hatred. The spirits or animals can be loving and kind, sometimes even more than humans. That is a brave new world, if it ever comes true.

20170801 back from Hong Kong, already missing the sea

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