Le Corbusier, Homme De Lettres 评价人数不足
"FOOD FOR THOUGHT" is not the subtitution of rational clarity for desire, mind for body. It is, rather, a matter of enlisting the mind in the maintanance of arousal, in the creation of desire. The origin of desire is oftern sight- or sight partly frustrated by concealment, recalling le Corbusier's treatment of elusive exotic, the jaguars "we don't see" and begins with praise articulated through language. Language, food and the erotic are in extricable, not only as signs but anatomically : the tongue is an organ not only of taste but of speech and sex.
Le Corbsier , in employing his tongue to speak to his audiences, to offer him his own LOGOS, and in speaking so much food, seeks to inform and educate desire and the judgement of desire. "taste" ,while amplyfing it.
taste is an art of discernment., as applicable to aethetic judgement as it is ot ofood. Taste has metaphoric amd metonymic properties, as in a taste for pain(synaethetic), a man of poor taste (metonymic),taste as appetite or desire (extention), a taste for life (metaphoric). There is taste of and taste for: "of " referring to knowledge or recognition,"for" to the appreciation of different sensations. To speak of desire is to speak with authority, to educate about the destablizing forces of dedsire for food, drink, sex or power.

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