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"This is not to say that you should not pray for people. Prayer can be extremely helpful if done properly. It's essential that you choose not only your words, but your thoughts and intentions behind your prayer wisely. Rather than praying for the specific effects you want for the person (or even what you are certain the person wants. Pray instead that God or the universe will help the person on their spiritual path, whatever that is."

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"in light of all of this, it is clear that sometimes the best thing you can do for someone you care about is to not even think about them especially if you have an opposing opinion about a course of action they are taking. When you're worried about what someone is doing (such at their choice of boyfriend) or try to convince them that they are wrong, what you are essentially doing is questioning God or the God within them. You are preventing them from learning the life lessons they may really need to learn. You may be pulling them off their true path. Even though you have the best intentions, you might be committing some major spiritual no noes, and in the end this may severely backfire on you."

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