Regarding the Pain of Others 8.6分
读书笔记 3

The practice of representing atrocious suffering as something to be deplored, and, if possible, stopped, enters the history of images with a specific subject: the sufferings endured by a civilian population at the hands of a victorious army on the rampage. It is a quintessentially secular subject, which emerges in the seventeenth century, when contemporary realignments of power become material for artists. 乱译:实际上,这些悲惨的苦难被表达为一种需要对其哀悼的事,以及,如果可能的话,一种需要被制止的事。这种表达通过一个明确地主题进入了图像的历史:平民在凯旋军队的暴怒之下所遭受的痛苦。当同时代发生的权力之重组变成了艺术家们的素材时,这个在十七世纪出现的主题,也就变成了一个老生常谈的主题了。

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