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读书笔记 chapter 14-

People always believe what they are doing is correct. On the other side of the story, the evil regards himself/herself as the hero who saves the world.

Jackson, Mississippi, is the closest place to heaven there is," the mayor is on the radio again. "And it's going to be like this for the rest of our lives.
引自 chapter 14-

Nobody is born as a racist. Children do not know the difference between the colour of skin.

Aibileen, "Ever afternoon, me and Baby Girl set in the rocking chair before her nap. Ever afternoon, I tell her: You kind, you smart, you important. But she growing up and I know, soon, them few words ain't gone be enough."
引自 chapter 14-

Aibileen suddenly starts telling May Mobley a story of her own creation, which does not even have a plot, and May Mobley says "tell it again". After the fourth time, she falls asleep. This tender moment just melts me down.

It is 1963. The Space Age they're calling it. A man has circled the earth in a rocketship. They've invented a pill so married women don't have to get pregnant. A can of beers opens with a single finger instead of a can opener. Yet my parents' house is still as hot as it was in 1899, the year Great-grandfather built it.
引自 chapter 14-

This introduces the historical background of this chapter, which plays a vital role throughout the book.

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