On Drawing Trees and Nature 9.2分
读书笔记 第五章:树叶的画法





【其他摘录】 P42 But it is a power of fingers, not the mind; it is dexterity without truth or judjement; it is power mis-applied. It is inanity. As a production of Art it is purposeless, idealess, and powerless. There is neither distinct form nor character in any one object it contains. P46 This may be sufficient to convince how little to be obtained from any inherent properties in the materials or the instruments of Art (工具不重要); and how indispensably necessary it is to have a clear idea of what is to be effected at every step, that he may surmount the difficulties which attend every stage of his work, and know not only how, but when to grapple with them(明确效果).

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