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读书笔记 Lesson 9: Global Coherence

- Stating problem in introductions: Part 1: Establishing a shared context motivates the readers to read on. Look for a questions that is small enough to answer but is also connected to a question large enough for you and your readers to care about. Part 2: Stating the problem 1. two parts of a problem: condition + intolerate consequence 2. two kind of problems: practical and conceptual practical problems - what we should do conceptual problems - what we should think Part 3: Stating the solution Practical problems: a solution must propose that someone do something to change a condition Conceptual problems: the solution must state something the writer wants readers to understand for believe. - Prelude 1. A quotation 2. A startling fact 3. An illustrative anecdote - General plan for introductions: Prelude + Shared context + Problem[Condition + Cost] + Solution/Main Point

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