Psychoanalysis and Feminism 评价人数不足
读书笔记 Wilhelm Reich: Sexual Politics, Ⅱ
Marriage remains a protective institution for women as long as they play no independent role in production, and this protective aspect obscures the degree to which women are exploited within it, providing the free services of housekeeper and child-rearer that enable capitalists to get workers to labour longer hours for lower pay. If the wife works, sh does two jobs; if she fails to cope with both, the home and marriage disintegrate.
Both parents compensate for their own deprivation by their 'love' and ambition for their children. This love, particularly that of the sexually starved mother, makes the family an oppressive, incestuous unit: A further characteristic of family education is that parents, especially the mother, unless she is forced to work outside the home, see in their children the only content of their lives, to the great disadvantage of the children. Facts such as that the children then play the role of household pets whom one can love but also torture according to one's whims, that the emotional attitude of the parents makes them altogether unsuited for the task of education, are platitudes which need no further mention.


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