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读书笔记 Freud, the Freudians and the Psychology of Women
And on the other side Jones has given his reasons for endorsing Horney's theories of equivalence between the sexes against Freud's phallocentrism thus: the little girl's 'femininity develops progressively from the promptings of an instinctual constitution... The ultimate question is whether a woman is born or made.' And 'Lastly I think we should do well to remind ourselves of a piece of wisdom whose source is more ancient than Plato: "In the beginning... male and female created He them."' To Jones and Horney there is an innate biological disposition to femininity which expresses itself in females (and is only secondarily disturbed by society) the woman and the man are created in nature. To Freud society demands of the psychological bisexuality of both sexes that one sex attain a preponderance of femininity, the other of masculinity: man and woman are made in culture.
引自 Freud, the Freudians and the Psychology of Women
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