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读书笔记 Why Unhappiness Won't Let Go - The Anatomy of Depression - Thoughts

Our world is like a silent film on which we each write our own commentary. And different interpretations of what has just happened can affect what happens next. With a benign interpretation, we may quickly forget the incident. With a negative one, we may be pitched into ...self - chiding... Negative thoughts often come in disguise, masquerading as questions that might have answers. Many situations are ambiguous, but the way we interpret them makes a huge difference in how we react. This is the A-B-C model of emotions. The A represents the fact of the situation - what a video camera would see and record. The B is the interpretation we give to a situation; this is the "running story" often just below the surface of awareness. It is often taken as fact. The C is our reaction: our emotions, body sensations, and behavior. Often we see the situation A and the reaction C but are unaware of the interpretation B. We think the situation itself caused our emotional and physical reactions, when in fact it was our interpretation of the situation.

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