His Last Bow 9.3分
读书笔记 The movable fractions(*^__^*)
But there was something in the ice-cold reasoning of Holmes which made it impossible to shrink from any adventure which he might recommend. I clasped his hand in silence, and the die was cast. --<The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge> Let him be my master elsewhere, I at least was his in a sick room. “There is just oom behind the head of my bed, Watson, ...I fear there is alternative, Watson....Quick, man, If you love me!”--<The Dying Detective>(这篇里的基情真是多到受不了了><) I had hoped that in some way I could coax my companion back into the quiet which had been the object of our journey; but one glance at his intense face and contracted eyebrows told me how vain was now the expectation. "Your konw," I answered with some emotion, for I have never seen so much of Holmes's heart before, "that it is my greatest joy and privilege to help you."..."It would be superfluous to drive us mad, my dear Watson." --<The Adventure of the Devil'S Foot> “I feel twenty years younger, Holmes. I have seldom felt so happy as when I got your wire asking me to meet you at Harwich with the car.” “Stand with me here upon the terrace, for it may be the last quiet talk that we shall ever have.” --<His Last Bow>(east wind is coming 这种话就不多说了TAT 为什么你隐居了连好基友都不打算见了啊)

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