Letters to a Young Journalist (Art of Mentoring) 评价人数不足
读书笔记 第24页

Lee Bollinger discribes the temperament of professors, which perfectly fits journalists. "I would say the most valued [trait] is that of having the imaginative range and the mental courage to explore the full complexity of the subject. To set aside one's preexisting beliefs, to hold simultaneously in one's mind multiple angels of seeing things, to allow yourself to believe another point of view as you consider it... The stress is on seeing the difficulty of things, on being prepared to live closer than we are inclined to the harsh reality... [and] of being willing to undermine even our common sense for the possibility of seeing something hidden. To be sure, that kind of extreme openness of intellect is exceedingly difficult to master, and, in a profound sense, we never do. Because it runs counter to many of our natural impulses, it requires both daily exercise and a community of people dedicated to keeping it alive. "

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