The Elements of Journalism 8.0分
读书笔记 Chapter 9-11

 Make the news Comprehensive and Proportional P216: when emotionalism seems appropriate? … it should come at those moments when any other reaction would seem forced – when emotion is the only organic response… … disappear between the moment of discovery of a problem and the subsequent search for information… (Human emotion is at the heart of making something news. 但不应被制造,被利用) P219: A news market research: … research that helps journalists make judgments, not research that replaces their judgments… P221: Journalists need to focus on people and their problems… P222: Putting information out visually without reinforcing words can be a great mistake … P222: “You would grab people by the constancy of your information.”  Journalists Have a Responsibility to Conscience  The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens P247: It was that information that helped them become informed citizens, and it would be in this climate that public opinion would be formed. Public opinion, in turn, made possible the rise of self-government. P249: The citizen has an obligation to approach the news with an open mind and not just a desire that the news reinforce existing opinion. (accept new facts and examine new points of view as they are presented…) P253: What do we do if these rights are not met? … contact works best if it comes constructively … … if it is ignored it should be offered again, perhaps through more than one means… Rights mean something only if they are viewed as rights.

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