The Elements of Journalism 8.0分
读书笔记 Chapter 7&8

 Journalism as a public forum P166: Journalism must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise. P170: “address to the public” P173: Argument Culture … driving forces of … talking is cheap … … tend to devalue expertise … … doesn’t necessarily expand the scope of public discussion … discussion itself… question dictates answer…/ reside at one extreme… P180: argument with a point of view is a more authentic, more honest form of discourse …  Engagement and Relevance P186: … one common flaw among journalists is that they give up too soon. P187: Journalists must make the significant interesting and relevant. P188: Storytelling and information are not contradictory… effective newswriting can be found at the intersection of civic clarity, the information citizens need to function, and literary grace, which is the reporter’s storytelling skill set. P189: …finding the right mix of the serious and the less serious that offers an account of the day… journalism is storytelling with a purpose. “If you are the kind of person who, once you have found out something, find that you are not satisfied about knowing it until you figure out a way to tell somebody else, then you’re a journalist.” 1, keep reader’s attention 2, purely interesting P190: …it is difficult for a reporter to get the space and time necessary to tell a story right. Infortainment 1, wither the appetite and expectations of some people for anything else. 2, destroys the news organization’s authority to deliver more serious news and drives away those audience who want it. 3, playing to the strength of other media… P196: Individual journalists do succeed in making the news engaging and relevant, in making the significant interesting and the interesting significant. P198: … newswriting took dynamic events and froze them. If we think of who as a character, what as a plot, where as setting, and how as narrative, we can blend information and storytelling. P200: Hour glass: 叙述金字塔间:时间分割线 The future and the Q&A Story as experience Keep away from being on the nose (don’t tell people what they already know) Picture of the mind: 述人以蛇,非示人以蛇 Connecting the story to deeper themes: The reveal (lead to the truth / surprise them in a meaningful way…) Character and details in news Find the metaphor and hidden structure in each story (avoiding formulas) Use the power of the internet (experiment) Narrative in service of truth

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