The Elements of Journalism 8.0分
读书笔记 Chapter 5&6

 Independence from Faction P118: journalism must maintain an independence from those they cover. Comment, yes; ‘balance’ by column inch or stopwatch, no. independence of mind P120: the meaning of freedom of speech and freedom of press are that they belong to everyone … anyone can be a journalist. Not everyone is. 1. ultimate commitment to the truth 2. sense of obligation to one’s audience 3. open to the audience … what your views / biases are P127: … journalism should not just point out problems but also examine possible answers. P129: Journalism of opinion Vs. Journalism of affirmation … journalists of opinions are usually quick to criticize those they often other align with/ journalism of affirmation, claiming fairness, balance, and neutrality, lacks that agility or that candor. …journalism of opinion … about making sense of it/ journalism of affirmation stakes its claim on reporting… P130: …maintain some personal distance in order to see things clearly and make independent judgment… P134 … build toward truthfulness and informing the public …ideological backgrounds inform their work, but do not dictate it. P137: … “before- and- after” method: if the two leads were similar, he would know he hadn’t learned very much… … opinion must be based on something more substantial than personal beliefs if it is to be of journalist use… it is a craft based on reporting, ;learning, understanding, and educating.  Monitor and offer voice to the voiceless P140: Journalism must serve as an independent monitor of power. P141: …making the affairs of the government more transparent. P143: …watching over the powerful few in society on behalf of the many to guard against tyranny. Original investigative reporting P145: … involves … that have been previously unknown to the public … Interpretative investigative reporting P146: … careful thought and analyses…/ information in a new, more complete context… Reporting on investigations P148: …develops from the discovery or leak of information from an official investigation already under way or in preparation by others, usually government agencies… P153… also usually making a more prosecutorial case that sth is wrong… P159: … the press must watchdog not only government but also expanding nonprofit world, a corporate world, and expanding public debate that new technology is creating…

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