Habibi 9.3分
读书笔记 river

The pics are just beautiful , can't stop staring at them ... And the first 3 pages inspire me a lot ... I think I have a new idea for my photo story

when god created the letter , he kept their secrets for himself ; and when he created Adam. He shared these secrets with him , but continued to hide them from the angels

I don't think I understand ... P23. The structure is great!!! P26 every page is just beautiful !!!!! P31 so beautiful !!!! Idea

meandering // looping like letters, letter extending into stories , until suddenly it stopped, dried up


say bismillah, in the name of god, as the priest does with a knife when he offers an animal. Bismillah your old self to find your real name

Bismillah your old self to find your real name ... What a beautiful words .... But I don't understand .... Never thought the language from Middle East would be so pretty

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